mmmmm visual archive

Shredding Rights
something unaacountable escaping a true likeness of
intermodality re-enchantment
dog save the queen
aurora pneumatikos hojas engauge
enciente elephant choritos Hogarth's House goatsmilk Art of War diplomacy
16 mm
gift twilight la furor genital speakers ex-carcel investigations
f'ing hardware juicy pick up
pescados llama squirrel fish and chips wankoska
socrates dog organic machine vaquero why not eat insects ?
pneumatikos 10 mins
electro gold record Hop Ke Kep pescados amarillos concreto tropicalismo genital why does desire desire its own repression
contreto III Buch der Kuesse
osh chorizo el beso de la lagartija Tiger el libro de los besos echo
These are a selection of works over the last 11 yrs. Click on images for documentation. they are in a range of different spaces from art galleries to theatres, cyber - studios to public spaces. the type and process of the work is sensitive to the context. the process of making is entwined with the final event moment. we see live art as something that is not 'acted'. the live art action is a moment from the real.