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the weight of things / il peso delle cose HDV 29' 2010. Italy.

il peso delle cose / the weight of things HDV 29' 2010. Italy.
Italian. subtitles: English
Short Film, 29 mins
P: mmmmmfilms, Rifrazioni
D: Montenegro, Fisher, Olivares. Nettuno, Italy

This documentary art film explores ideas of the collective body in the former home town of The Emperor Nero. It meditates on the role of memory and identity in the specific localities of Anzio and Nettuno, Italy. The collective body begins to reveal itself through the ritualistic act of making moulds from the fingers of some of the people who find themselves living there.

Appearances: BiRiCiclabile, Isabella DaCosta, Francesca Cardinali, Giusy Canzonieri, Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro, Ginés Olivares.

Camera: Ginés Olivares, Adrian Fisher.
Editing: Ginés Olivares.
Sound editing: Adrian Fisher.
Original sound: Adrian Fisher, Voice & guitar - Maria Sideri, Chitarrino - Mirko Abbondanza, Accordion - Dario Giovannini.

Thanks to:
Rifrazioni 2010. Giovanni Falcone School. BiRiCiclabile.
Participants: tourists at the statue of Nero. A Routa Libera.
Antonio - La Voglia de Pizza. Local Break dancers.
Andrea - Collectivo Cinetico. Lulu & Isabella.
Mercato di Anzio Colonia: Mario and his team, Marinella - clothes stall.
Cyril Vandenbeush.
Cardinali family: Francesca, Graziella, Nonna Lisa, Petya.
Museo Archeologico: Giusy Canzonieri + staff.
Cristina - Divina ProvvidenzaÌs kiosk.


2019 Venice Biennale, Alive in the Universe, Venice, Italy.

2011 GC Ten Weyngaert, Plankton Bar #39 Bondgenotenstraat 54 rue des Allies, 1190 Brussels.

2010 Kotti Shop Gallery, Kottbusser Tor, Berlin, Germany.

2010 La Divina Providencia, Nettuno, Italy.